A Career in Legal Transcription

The Path To Become A Legal Transcriptionist Is A Simple One, If Done Right.

Legal transcription can be a very rewarding, safe and secure job, especially in this sketchy economy. This can be a wise career choice because it is in high demand as technology advances. Lawyers and law firms need dedicated legal transcriptionists to report accurate and easy to read legal documents. Almost anyone can become one, and most law firms will hire anyone who is willing and able. It is preferred that the individual is familiar with legal terms, but not required.

Because some law offices like their legal transcriptionists to have some previous training, it is good to research where to start. CollegeSurfing.com is a great site to browse legal transcription training. The site offers a variety of state and community colleges that offer associates degrees or certification courses in legal transcription as well as online training courses.

MedWord is also an online site available to individuals interested in training courses for legal transcription. This site offered basic legal transcription training as well as specialized courses.

If you are someone who is diligent, fast and detailed, this may be the best path for you. You must be able to listen carefully to every word said during a legal court hearing and have to be able to type it at the pace of conversation. If working in an attorney’s office, you may be asked to prepare legal documents for client files as well as help with cases. You must be familiar with a variety of legal documents and the inner workings of a law office.

Legal transcriptionists can also work for the government. Not only do they work for attorneys, they also can work for corporations, government agencies, insurance companies, banks, the federal government and administrative agencies. Government and federal agencies offer great benefits and job security to employees. They can make anywhere from $15 an hour to $25 an hour. They also have the option of doing freelance work which allows legal transcriptionists to work from home with the proper equipment.

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