Audio Typist Jobs

Have you ever heard of an Audio Typist Job before?

An audio typist transcribes audio information into written information. This is another way of saying you are a Medical or Legal Transcriptionist. Many Offices and businesses use skilled typists to quickly and effectively create documents such as reports and letters. This particular job is in great demand.

Here are some of their job duties:

Audio typists sit at their computer and through ear phones, will listen to a recording and then transcribe or type information from the audio recording to a word document. Audio typists or Transcribers will listen to interviews or dictation messages recorded onto audio tape or audio files on a computer. As they listen, the typists will type the words they hear with speed and accuracy into a document and then produce a written copy to their employer.

In addition to the basic duties they perform, employers often expect transcribers to perform other typing-related duties. They will occasionally perform other tasks such as, copy typing, and other administrative tasks that include answering the phone, mailing, faxing, and creating spreadsheets. Remember, all this can be done at home if you want to be the work at home individual.

Audio typing requires good trascription equipment and fast typing skills. Additionally, transcriptionists should be efficient, pay close attention to detail, have some basic knowledge of computers, have excellent communication skills, and be very dependable.

Your Work Environment
Audio typists can either work full-time, part-time or on a contract basis. Typists work up to 35-40 hours a week, which varies according to the availability of typing work and work either in an office or from home.

Most employers are looking for someone who is certified in Medical or Legal Transcription. And previous experience in the field is helpful if you want to work from home. Many transcribers need to have a minimum of 2 years prior experience before they work from home. For typist without prior experience, some employers administer a test or wish to see proof of prior training or certification. Your potential employer and you can discuss this avenue.

If you want to learn how to do Medical Transcription, there are many online websites that offer you training and certification. Make sure that the online school of your choice for training is accredited by the AHDI. This is recognized by online employers, as well as doctor’s offices and hospitals. If you would like more details on this please visit this website and get all the details:

A typist job can make a good income with a good employer. Medical and Legal transcriptionists, same as audio typists, perform many of the same functions. So with that said, transcriptionists usually start off getting paid per line on the transcribed document. To start off, they would be getting paid around 6 cents per line. If a transcriber had at least 2 years prior experience and was working from home they could easily charge 14 cents per line. With experience, come better wages.