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Ok, so you've got plenty of talent and lots of experience under your belt for a typing job right? Lets face it though, you are interested in locating the best job that fits all of your needs and wants.

Maybe it's that you want to type from home or maybe it's that you are searching for a typing job that you can work part-time locally. I'd like to give you some specifics on some of the many typing jobs you can do and where to find more help. I will also share with you some of my favorite website links to help you get on the fast track to accomplishing your goals and getting what you want in life.

  • Data Entry Jobs

    Here is an exerpt from one of my most recent articles I wrote about data entry jobs. "Primarily the data entry jobs and data entry jobs from home usually consist of activities involving reports or correspondences that deal with company data, records, lists or transcripts of which are all available to the worker via an online or thru email correspondences. Other jobs may require targeting clients from search engine research and seeking to improve their content, the basics functions are very similar. Each project requires connecting to the business or department manager to assign the work needed, the payment and deliverable deadlines, and then your work can begin."

    Here is my favorite and one that I earn from on a regular basis.

    Data Entry Job

  • Freelance Home Writing

    This is where you will be writing articles or papers or even press releases for people online or offline. You can do freelance writing from you own home at your own pace. There are many places online to locate home writing jobs. Make sure you have a nice quiet work place where you can research and write. To write a 300 work article, it's important to research your topic for at least 15 minutes then write it for 15 minutes. Your speed and accuracy are pretty important. the quicker you can research and write your articles, the more in demand you will be.

    For a great freelance home writing job click here:

    Get Paid To Write

  • Transcription

    There are actually two types of transcription you can perform. There is Medical Transcription and there is Legal Transcription. You can easliy work this from home but make sure that you have had at least 2 years of experience out in the work force before you do this from home. There are employers out there that are open to having you work from home, especially in the medical field but you must show proof of work experience first. You need to have some training in transcription and have the proper equipment if you want to do transcription from home. I've written a nice article about this topic and you can read the whole article here:

    Online Transcription Practice

    Here is a great website that will help you find the best Medical and Legal Transcription job that is online:

    Transcription Careers

  • Virtual Assistant

    A Virtual Assistant is merely an assistant that can do any kind of work that can be done in a home office but all the work the assistant does is done remotely.

    First let me explain what types of jobs a Virtual Assistant can do for the home office. Some of your tasks may include, secretarial work or market research such as writing proposals or performing press releases. VA's may also be able to work on simple things like calling for appointments or planning meetings for the employer. It depends on if the emplyer may need someone full time or on a call basis. It will be up to them and the needs of their business.

    So to recap, there are a variety of computer typing jobs that you can easily perform from home as a typing from home job or in an office setting. It can be up to you and the lifestyle you want to have. Let me share with you some websites that are some of my favorites and have helped me along the way. I hope that they will help you as well.

    You can read more here about that:
    Moms Typing Online

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Here are some other websites that you can visit and sign up for free and you can offer your assistance and get paid for your services you provide. It can be by getting paid writing articles, typing or providing virtual assistance. There are many other computer typing jobs you can do as well.