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Keyers Online has opportunities for "Data Entry. Work from home. The company will notify you when work becomes available. Must pass an accuracy & speed test.

Clerical; Transcription; Writers/ Data Entry

These are work from home positions.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Work From Home

Transcription Medical Transcriptionists Additional information and how to apply are located on the Unlimited Transcription website:

Here's another good place to find jobs as well. It's free to sign up but you can check out the available jobs at this link below:

Various Jobs -----

Inbound Tech Support Inbound Order Processing Outbound Survey Research Outbound Telemarketing Data Entry Translation Market Research On Site Tech Support Transcription

Independent Contractors and Freelance Transcriptionists Internet-based transcription service offers opportunities for Independent Contractors and Freelance Transcriptionists. For details and to apply, please visit:

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A good website where you can locate your specific job want. Just click on the job search button and then type in your specific search term.

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Below is a free download of work from home programs. Here is the link: Make sure you click on "get your free directory" once you are on the site.

"CareerBuiling101 - Your Job Hunting Guide." It's free to download right now. It's a good read.

A very informative website that offers career advice, career guides, job hunting and a whole lot more. I highly recommend you take a look.

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